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Readware is software that uses a conceptual framework and a ConceptBase to draw inferences. When a person reads a text, they will normally grasp the meaning of the words by directly inferring from words or phrases to possible meanings and relevant concepts,-- using their own conceptual framework and powers of inference.

Readware's primitive “scientific concepts,” theory of syntax and semantics, known inferential concepts and algorithmic induction, are the means readware uses to read, grasp and measure the relevance of a message or text. Whether or not something is relevant is ordinarily a personal judgement.a person may make when reading words and phrases. The innovation here is that there is no programming necessary to expanding and improving the inferences readware is capable of producing. Readware is ready to learn more. This form simply demonstrates the effect of computerized inference.

To test or measure readware's general purpose inference -- against your own,-- we invite you to post some text (about current events or in various subjects like government, environment, health, culture, politics, economics, technology or business, etc.). Be sure to make your own inferences from the text first. Then use the "Read ..." button to see whether readware agrees with, adds to, or doesn't measure up to your own inferential capacities.

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