Since 1984

You may not have heard of Readware though this technology has been in use at web sites in Europe and in the United States since 1994.  Various products of Readware Technology have been under development since 1987, including The Research Assistant, ConSearch for Windows and the Readware IpServers.  Readware has been embedded in products offered by Siemens, OpenText and other well known brands.

Readware Technology has matured into a high-performance, full-featured and scalable software framework for parsing and indexing words and semiotic concepts from all kinds of text for purposes of identification, classification, topic analysis, search and retrieval..  These semiotic concepts underlie the interonnectedness of the topics, facts, and entities found in text, along with other interpersonal and intersubjective elements of a text.  Topics, facts and named-entities are actuators of relevant signals.  They can be used to identify, classify and organize all the relevant elements of any text in any supported language

You may download a copy of ConSearch version 7.9 here