Since 1984

Management Information Technologies, Inc. is a U.S. Corporation incorporated in 1984.  Also known as MITi, the Company has sponsored the research and development of Readware technology since its inception in 1986. 

The lack of a solution to the symbol grounding problem has been a significant problem holding back more intelligent uses of computers. Taking on the mission to formalize the correspondence  between the symbols of  language and abstract thought, cannot hinge on time or grand profits, it requires arduous study and rigorous development and experimentation. This research and development has been sustained by prudent management and the dedication of the two principals: Dr. Tom Adi and Mr. O. K. (Ken) Ewell.

Long term developments need steady and patient sponsors.  If you would like to become involved in the research and development of Readware, or if you would like to sponsor an application of this technology, we would like to hear from you.

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MITi, 1448 NW 41st Road, Gainesville, Florida 32605

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